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What companies make electric vehicle chargers?

What companies make electric vehicle chargers?Shenzhen Hongjiali New Energy Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers, products include electric bicycle chargers, electric bicycle battery charging cabinets, electric vehicle AC chargers, DC integrated chargers, DC split charging It is a one-stop charger manufacturer integrating R&D, production, construction and installation, operation management and service.


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The electric vehicle charger is mainly composed of pile body, electrical module, metering module and other parts. Generally, it has functions such as energy metering, billing, communication, and control.


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Electric vehicle charger is a very important equipment, which mainly provides charging service for electric vehicles and provides convenience for the use of electric vehicles.


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To purchase wholesale electric vehicle chargers, find Shenzhen Hongjiali New Energy Co., Ltd., provide raw materials, production, and a series of processing services, source manufacturers, high profits


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