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8 Years Global Provider of
EV Charging Equipment and Solutions

Hongjiali New Energy ODM specializes in the customization and manufacture of EV charging stations. To build your brand and increase profits, you need more than just a single Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment product. You need a veteran supplier with many years of experience in this field. Let Hongjiali New Energy ODM help you customize your EVSE and achieve business success.

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All-in-One EV Charging Customization

Hongjiali New Energy dedicates to enabling the future of e-mobility by providing the most open, secure, and robust charging network anywhere. A cloud service-based charging platform makes charging simple.

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Meet All Your Requirements For Customization

Our ODM services provide a deep understanding of customers' exact requirements for EV chargers. With thorough communication, we can deliver faster and superior customization services. We are keenly aware of the crucial details that require special attention in the design of EV chargers, and we know how to adjust charging procedures to suit different regions. This enables us to provide our customers with

UK, 2020
The customized 7kw AC charging station features a precision measuring chip to ensure accuracy while reducing the product's size. The structural design meets IP65 requirements and features a non-disassembling design, ensuring an attractive appearance while enhancing practicality. This product is suitable for various scenarios, including home and commercial use.
USA, 2021
A customized 120KW DC charging station with the customer's branding has been developed at the customer's request. To enhance the network security of the product, a specially customized security encryption chip has been incorporated to ensure protection of the charging station's data, ports, and codes.
France, 2022
We have designed a tailored 22kW*2 Floor Mounted dual AC charging station for both residential and commercial use in the European market. Our product boasts a new networking system that simplifies wiring and offers various versions to cater to diverse overseas market demands. It supports dual-connector interconnection, allowing flexible allocation between dual connectors.
Germany, 2022
We have fulfilled a client's request by customizing a European standard 11KW AC charger with their logo and brand image. The new enclosure design allows easy installation without disassembly, saving customers time and money. We have also developed a new light language to meet the client's specific market needs.

ODM Customization

Hongjiali New Energy is found in 2015, which has accumulated rich experience and achievements in R & D of charging stations and obtained over 100 product patents. The R & D Department was officially independent in 2019, the new R & D Testing Center covers an area of 3,000㎡ , and the R & D staff accounts for more than 35%. So far, Hongjiali has cooperated with over 160 domestic and foreign brands and operators and undertaken orders for over 12000W charging stations and solutions in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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ODM Customers

Our ODM is a leading provider of manufacturing and supply services for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), delivering top-quality products to customers worldwide. Our state-of-the-art EV charging equipment is designed to provide exceptional performance and quality, ensuring our customers receive an unparalleled experience. We are delighted to have received positive feedback from over 40 countries and are committed to providing our customers with the outstanding service they deserve.

UK, 2020
"We've teamed up with Hongjiali to make EV charging more affordable and convenient. Our partnership is driving the success of Green EV charging and gaining popularity among EV drivers at our property receptions. It's an innovative and successful model in the growing EV charging market."
Norwegian Real Estate Developer
Norwegian Real Estate Developer
"Our collaboration with Hongjiali is set to impact the advancement of the public EV charging infrastructure significantly. We aim to accelerate the development of a sustainable ecosystem that supports the growing demand for EVs. This collaboration reinforces our unwavering dedication to achieving a future with 0 emissions ."
Swedish Operator
Swedish Operator
"Our strategic collaboration with Hongjiali in the development of EV charging solutions has bolstered our confidence in our decision to continue our transition to electric vehicles. By leveraging their expertise and resources, we have been able to enhance our capabilities in this critical area, ensuring that we can meet the growing demand. "


With over 8 years of experience in servicing EV charging ODM customization, Hongjiali has encountered various challenges. Here are the most common concerns that our customers have before finalizing the deal.

Q1:   What technical specifications do I need to provide to start the ODM project?
A1:   We require detailed information about your charging needs, such as charging speed, voltage, power, etc. If you have specific technical specifications, please provide them to us.

Q2:   Can I visit your factory?
A2:   Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory in Shenzhen, China. Many customers are impressed by our production capacity and management efficiency. However, please note that visits to our factory are by appointment only. Therefore, please confirm
        the visiting date with our sales personnel before making travel arrangements.

Q3:   Do you offer any EV Chargers for testing the quality?
A3:   Yes, we offer a wide range of EV Chargers that have a proven track record of stability and reliability. You can select the one that best suits your requirements and conduct initial testing.

Q4:   How long does the EVSE customization project (ODM) take?
A4:   The timeline for the EVSE customization project depends on its specific requirements and the current project schedule. Typically, the project takes at least 5 weeks to complete.

Q5:   What is your ODM business cooperation process?
A5:   1. Both parties negotiate and clarify product requirements to determine cooperation intentions.
        2. Both parties determine quality standards and confirm product samples.
        3. Both parties sign the ODM authorization processing agreement.
        4. Conduct production scheduling. We are willing to discuss and determine a production standard with our customers or directly use product inspection and relevant technical standards from our customers for further standardized
        5. Both parties fulfill delivery procedures, and the customer can choose pickup service or entrust us with delivery on their behalf.

Q6:   I'm not familiar with the EVSE field, can I customize EVSE?
A6:   Don't worry. We have many clients who are new to this field. We will communicate with you in detail and provide professional product suggestions.

Q7:   What kind of design drawings do I need to provide?
A7:   We require design drawings regarding the charging station's size, shape, material, and color. If you don't have these drawings, we can provide design services for you.

Q8:   Can I distribute charging costs to different users?
A8:   Yes, you can easily manage and allocate charging costs to multiple users with our advanced EV Charger software. Our software offers flexible and customizable billing options, allowing you to set up user accounts and assign charging costs based
        on individual usage. This ensures a fair and transparent billing process for all users.

Q9:   What sets your company apart from competitors in EV charging ODM?
A9:   Our company has several key advantages that give us a competitive edge. Firstly, we have independent and autonomous R&D capabilities that have been developed over the past 8 years, resulting in over 100 patents. Additionally, we have
         mastered our products' core technologies and strongly emphasize product quality. Lastly, we possess outstanding manufacturing production capacity, enabling us to provide over 60,000 EV chargers per month.

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