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We serve a variety of partners from over 40 countries worldwide. By providing exclusive support with our industrial leading EV charging equipment, smart charging platform, resources, and 1v1 training, we build up a competitive EV charging advantage for our partners. Partner with us. Purify the world together!


HJL Channel Partner network to serve your needs

A winning combination of the channel partners’ agility and industry expertise with HJL’s leading products – anywhere in the world!
Beyond serving the market directly, HJL continuously develops a network of value adding channel partners that enhance HJL’s market reach and proximity. At the same time, it enables each customer to select the most suitable path to access HJL’s offering.

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HJL Works In Close Co-Operation With A Variety Of Channel Partner Types



Distributor HJL works with over 160 distributors worldwide. We cooperate with both big corporations and individual businesses. Our solutions will provide the best service for you and your clients. Our Sales and Technical Experts will assist you in boosting your revenue and turnover with EV charging in your market. Contact our team with a simple click.



Boost your retailing sales with EV charging services. Our experts will assist you in choosing a suitable EV charging solution, site your location on the charging map to increase customer spending, and add additional revenue for your store. Book a free consultation for more information.



As the EV industry grows, the need for professionally-conducted installation also grows. As an HJL installer, you’ll be the go-to person for EV chargers installations in your area and the face of excellent service and technical knowledge for the customer. Thus, an expert installation is essential for us. All of our certified installers need specialized training from our experts.

HJL Partner Benefits

Place sufficient emphasis on product availability, support, engineering, integration and service capabilities.
Customers can pick the most suitable channel partner to deal with their specific needs.
Carefully selected channel partners
HJL’s carefully selected channel partners, are regularly trained, fully supported as well as periodically assessed on the HJL offering they specialize on, to ensure the customer expectations are fulfilled.
Several levels of partnership with matching requirements
HJL’s channel partner network includes several levels of partnership with matching requirements. At the top are the HJL Value Providers, HJL’s most intimate channel partners, authorized to the highest level and with a proven track record. These partners bear the HJL Value Provider label.

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